Duck Life 2
Duck Life 2
Your duck decided to turned pro aft ..
Learn To Fly 2
Learn To Fly 2
Penguin is back for the 2nd round a ..
Flood Runner 3
Flood Runner 3
Can you run fast enough far enough ..
Truck Toss
Truck Toss
Drive your monster truck as far as ..
Freeway Fury
Freeway Fury
Unleash your fury in this fast pace ..


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Ninja Noku
Run, jump, float and slash enemies/obstacles as Noku the little Ninja wh...
Run Ninja Run 2
2nd installment of a simple but fun distance running game where you have...
Trigger Knight
A prototype experimental game where you use a single click to trigger ev...
Concerned Joe
Play is the poor expendable Joe who's main concern is to keep runni...
Run Ninja Run
Run from your rival ninjas and escape back to your clan by fighting off ...
Saving The Company
Run far down the trap infested dungeon and get the treasure to save your...
Hurry Up Bob 2
Help our intrepid adventurer Bob hurry up and out of the mess he has got...
Mr Runner 2
High speed based platformer game where you play as Mr Runner. Run, slide...
Run to the checkpoint flags. See how far you can go to reach the end of ...
Exit Path
Play as a runner forced to run the distance across a dangerous gauntlet ...
Man In Gap
Run fast and think faster cause you gotta get your man to run into the g...
House Of The Dead Ninjas
An ancient mysterious house reaches far up into the distant clouds with ...
The Gauntlet
Pulled into cyberspace by the mysterious device, you must now run throug...
Flood Runner 3
Can you run fast enough far enough to escape Armageddon as flood of lava...
Dino Run:Marathon of Doom
A killer meteor has crashed into the planet bringing with it the doom of...
Invisible Runner
Run through 25 levels negotiating through very simple obstacles, sounds ...
Screw Effect
Play as a Screw who is running late. You need to get to your place insid...
The Squirrel Game
Play as an unfortunate squirrel on a mad run from one predator after ano...
Play as a survivosaurs (a dinosaur born to survive the meteor calamity) ...
Another Cave Runner
Run through the cave and destroy the pods to gain levels and unlock usef...
Nightmare On Pink Street
Help Stan, a bad biker, escape from the nightmare he is in on pink stree...
Plummet 2
Run as fast as you can a plummet down the depths quickly or be squished....
Run Elephant Run
Run elephant is a simple yet appealing running game where you play as a ...
Mr Runner
Are you skilled enough to get our mister runner across an array of platf...
Ninja Bolt
Play as a ninja bolting across the roof tops of Neo Tokyo, beware your e...
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